the best albums of 2021

In a few days 2021 will be over and the time has come to present the albums that made the cut for each and every one of us and of course the list of the 20 top albums of 2021 according to, a moment that we ourselves have been waiting for impatiently. The situation with the covid-19 pandemic has been hard for all of us, but at least we had the chance to listen to much more music, and be more optimistic under these difficult conditions. 

Just like 2020, 2019, 2018, 201720162015 and 2014, the whole process turned out to be extremely interesting. Apart from the value of the lists (whichever it may be) and the sorting of albums from most to least favourite, their importance, for all it’s worth, lies in the numerous different albums chosen, regardless of their ranking. Here you can find 102 listening suggestions, which are not limited to prog, but come largely from the undreground music scene of various genres.

This year, the margin between the first and second place is a record for our website, very difficult to break in the future, and this is probably due to the fact that the band from Atlanta released an album that in the future will be considered a classic.

Let the countdown begin…

20. MEER – Playing House

Orchestration is a category in itself in the process of producing an album and in this area MEER present their credentials for this year. Just their second album, titled Playing House, finds them doing simple things in their melodic lines, with simple rhythmic changes and two voices that alternate with ease between dozens of, brilliant couples and choruses. Apart from the unparalleled technique (hats off in the wonderful drumming of Mats Lillehaug) the group has one of the most interesting sounds I have heard lately, since they step on the warmth of neo soul but essentially play with prog rock reasoning that perhaps approaches quite a lot the style of Bent Knee but in a more radio friendly way. Instrumental parts, alternative metal outbursts, melancholic indie rock melodies and much more will keep you company through a hearty set of 11 compositions.

– Alexandros Topintzis

19. Iotunn – Access All Worlds

Iotunn is the name that met Jens Nicolai Gräs’s expectations in search of the right word to describe his new musical vision that began in 2009 wuthdreams of space rock which crystallized a few years later into something quite different: a modern version of progressive metal. In this adventure into the unknown, Iotunn’s music aspires to combine different music genres with progressive prevailing and acting as the connective power between them all. The album carries the musical tradition of the great Scandinavian scene: melodic death metal that highlights the atmosphere and lets the melody breathe through those heavy riffs. Access All Worlds sounds more and more fascinating after each spin. Numerous hidden spots await their discovery and the journey seems inexhaustible on the horizons it promises. If today’s progressive metal was looking for a place to flourish, this album offers the seeds.

– Christos Minos

18. Obscura – A Valediction

A Valediction is one of the most complete musical proposals that Obscura have presented in their career. I dare to describe it as catchy in places as it has a lot of the melody of the Göteborg scene (At The Gates, early Arch Enemy) without losing any aggression or heaviness. Together with the ever-present Death, Cynic and Necrophagist influences, they constitute an excellent color palette with which Kummerer / Münzner paint an almost perfect technical / progressive death metal record. I think that this album will not only bring a lot of new fans to the band but it will enter the discussion for their best album to date. However, regardless of the ranking that everyone has in mind for the band’s album, it is a high quality work and shows that Obscura still have many prosperous days ahead of them as long as they keep this line-up and the dynamics acquired here intact.

– Tasos Poimenidis

17. Need – Norchestrion: A Song for the End

Norchestrion closes the trilogy of the “A song for..” albums that Need started in 2014 with ORVAM: A Song for HomeNorchestrion: A Song for the End does not steer away from its predecessors. However, there is a distinct improvement in the songwriting, a growth in the abilities and a more mature approach to deconstruct their influences.

In a time when the kings of old released great albums, it feels more paramount to talk about the future of the progressive metal sound. Psychotic Waltz and Fates Warning will not be around for a long time, and more importantly, you can’t expect them to continue creating a sound that will breathe new life into the progressive metal genre. Bands like Need, Leprous, and Mother of Millions should create the same sense of anticipation like our heroes of old.

– Lefteris Statharas

16. Leprous – Aphelion

Einar Solberg described the recording of Aphelion as much more chaotic than any of the previous records. When it comes to the sound of the album, Leprous have further stripped away the metal elements allowing them to peak out only now and again. The keyboards and strings are the main movers of the songs, with Raphael Weinroth-Browne and Chris Baum making their presence felt with the cello and violin respectively. And while both of them had appeared in the previous records, they are virtually everywhere in this record making their presence felt in every song. With multiple listens you can find different elements in the songs that confirm that Leprous is one of the most exciting bands in the prog rock area. Is it a bit disappointing that we didn’t hear something as unique and surprising as the previous records? Sure, but a good Leprous album is still exciting and better than many of the new releases out there.

– Lefteris Statharas

15. Shamblemaths – Shamblemaths 2

Simen Ådnøy Ellingsen’s musical vision is not only interesting but also different from almost anything else today. What encouraged progressive rock fans in the band’s debut, sounds even more exciting here upon first listen. In Shamblemaths 2 the main style is much closer to avant-prog. The flow of the album is excellent, the orchestration is simply exemplary and the meticulous details act as a catalyst for the effectiveness of a very ambitious and peculiar artistic endeavor that is crowned with absolute success. In an mostly dark environment, the high level of technique works narratively, the children’s vocals are an ideal contrast and the general lyricism effortlessly leads to the final uplift. The tribute to Shostakovich in D.S.C.H. (Op. 110 String Quartet No. 8 in C Minor, Mvts. 1 and 2) and the stunning prog epic The River that closes the album are two of the greatest prog achievements of the last (many) years.

– Dimitris Kaltsas

14. Embryo – Auf Auf

During the long course of the German band that goes by the name of Embryo and is classified in the progressive field of rock, their sound orientation was set from the very beginning, starting from the restless 70s. The late Christian Burchard always used the phrase “Auf Auf”, which translates to “Keep doing what you do”, which is confirmed by his career in the band, as he led Embryo for more than 50 years. Through various collaborations they created their own sound on what is called krautrock, focusing on jazz and later ethnic elements. The baton -from 2016- was passed to his daughter Marja, who maintains and enriches the band’s sound. This year’s Auf Auf album proves that! From the deep, unruly jazz, to the Afghan – and Oriental in general – modal and from there to a psychedelic jazz-rock vortex, multiculturalism is everywhere and their fusion is what we need to calm down after another strange year.

– Giorgos Zoukas

13. black midi – Cavalcade

Two years after their debut LP, black midi keep their progressive logic intact, keeping the balance of their pattrns between improvisation and structured compositions. Their dramaturgy imprints shockingly the paranoia of our untuned and tangled world, while sliding between melodic sensitivity (Marlene Dietrich), never ending adventure of compose-decompose-recompose (John L.), games between harmony and disharmony (Chondromalacia Patella), endless groove that moves the floors (Dehtroned). Jazz is the aid in all this delirium with a rock engine and math synapses, not in the narrow meaning of the genre, but more in the mentality that unlocks the development and the free spirited communication of the musicians, bringing at the same time a wide fusion philosophy. Cavalcade is the voice of a group of 20-year old friends that try to echo the troubles of their times.

– Panagiotis Stathopoulos

12. Motorpsycho – Kingdom of Oblivion

Unstoppable. This is the best way to characterize the Norwegians, who seem to continue being fearless and without any intention to cut speed, in a course that impresses and with each step offers a high quality album in the modern European rock scene. The difference that the listener will perceive from the very first listening of Kingdom of Oblivion is the focus on the riffs and the return to heavy rock paths, which develop and guide the compositions. Τcomes after an inconceivable series of records and follows another direction, closer to that of Heavy Metal Fruit and especially Little Lucid Moments, giving a new freshness to the more progressive quests of the band. Another striking addition to the discography of Motorpsycho, an album that keeps that informal leading position for the band that has earned the respect of rock fans, as a leading modern band that never compromised on its way to greatness.

– Panos Papazoglou

11. Ske – Insolubilia

Driven by his love for bands like Änglagård and Anekdoten, the Italian progressive rock tradition and his innate talent for melody, Ske offers us another instrumental gem with this year’s Insolubilia, an album full of ideas and orchestrations that correspond to two or even three albums. As happened in 1000 Autumni, he has more or less 24 guest musicians by his side. One of the most impressive elements of the album is that it manages to sound both retro and up-to-date at the same time, while the numerous wind and string instruments that parade in the 11 compositions serve only the compositions, and there is not a single moment of self-indulgence. Despite its long duration, Insolubilia manages to sound uniform, so it is really difficult find highlights, although the finale with Insolubilia VIV and III is breathtaking. Without a second thought, we are dealing with one of the highest quality and most complete instrumental prog records of recent years.

– Paris Gravouniotis

10. Hedvig Mollestad – Tempest Revisited

One of the main features of Tempest Revisited is that it is not the natural follow-up to Ekhidna, and it’s also quite different from Ding Dong. You’re Dead. It is a unique one-off addition to Mollestad’s discography, although her trademark playing and her aesthetics remain intact here. According to Mollestad, the Norwegian weather affected the idiosyncrasy of the album and this is clear in the many changes in the musicians’ moods as well as their effort to create extensive soundscapes between compositional peaks. All band members make their presence evident through, but Mollestad is once again shining between equals, with her so characteristic essential playing style. Tempest Revisited is another strong addition to her discography and yet another proof of her compositional and playing talent, as well as the high aesthetic quality with which she approaches her art.

– Kostas Barbas

09. Cynic – Ascension Codes

Ascension Codes is like a natural continuation of Traced in Air which is also the album of their past that sounds closer, but also keeping some elements from the most rock parts of Kindly Bent to Free Us, while there are always ambient interludes among the main tracks that sound very atmospheric and spacey. The rhythm metal guitars have returned for good and the result justifies Masvidal but also those who had complained about the metal element that was missing and always fitted Cynic’s music so much. Along with the guitars, the vocoder, which is their trademark, has also returned. This is an album that sounds 100% Cynic and at the same time proves that as a composer Masvidal was not afraid to leave his comfort zone. An authentic redefinition of the band, a work that extends one hand to the past and with the other shows the present and the future. An album born through death and mourning that is both a celebration of life and soul, one of the best records of recent years.

– Tasos Poimenidis

08. Diagonal – 4

Diagonal’s previous album launched a noticeable change of their style, even though their 70s influence remained the main pillar in which they will etch their expressiveness. The basic difference in Arc was that even though the progressive rock feeling was omnipresent, they expressed their multifaceted compositional ability in an alternative calmer way. This diversity is imprinted effortlessly and in full creative mode in this new album as well. The Britishness combined with the varied style, is key so that they can completely please the most demanding prog listener. Diagonal compose deep and addicting tracks, surpassing Arc in quality. The songs are not at all monothematic and monotonous but are being built on different genres. Prog/ kraut / fold / psychedelic / jazz and a more guitar oriented sound with a distinct Canterbury aesthetic being present everywhere, they reveal a hedonistic alchemistic distillate of true progressive music.

– Thomas Sarakintsis

07. Terra Odium – Ne Plus Ultra

Terra Odium constitute the point where old friends meet again: Asgeir Michelson (ex Spiral Architect) with Bollie Fredrikesn (ex Manitou) and Øyvind Hægeland with a tenure in both bands. With them the always present  Steve Di Giorgio and Jon Phipps. A band that with its composition it brings back charming memories. Their first album brings back a golden age of progressive metal. In their music we hear Watchtower, Psychotic Waltz, old Fats Warning… Bands that in their youth forged the technical side of progressive heavy metal music. Some of the best songs of this years progressive metal genre are in here and reflect a golden past. Between nostalgia and the push to remain in the present and its logics, Ne Plus Ultra has definite tendencies towards one of the two and that could be magnifiscent.

– Christos Minos

06. Gojira – Fortitude

The album has many heavy elements reminding riffs from the band’s four previous records, but at the same time it’s different in other aspects. It is not a happy record, but it gives a sense of revitalization and empowerment, something that their previous works did not have. Stylistically it’s 100% Gojira, there are some small interesting surprises (The Chant), but not something really different or experimental. Ιf someone wanted it to sound like any of the band’s previous albums, he/she might be disappointed. But I am convinced that this is an enjoyable album that will be loved by many people, will be played in the future and contains several songs with the aura of a future classic.

– Tasos Poimenidis

05. Ryley Walker – Course in Fable

Ryley Walker is known for his adventurous and daring music on a compositional or instrumentation level. His collaboration with John McEntire works perfectly, building on the folk base of his music some wonderful orchestrations without losing the feeling and the dreamy atmosphere they exude. 12-string guitars, rhythmic patterns, a sequence of chords that bear progressive rock influences while the modern aesthetics is given in a discreet way. Walker’s fragile voice brings to mind folk giants such as John Martyn, Nick Drake, Jimmy Webb and in places even Bert Jansch, being intensely emotional, lonely and earthly with an expression that binds with the listener. In times of music change and the expansion of progressive music, releases such as this are considered essential to the pluralism of expression and the renewal of its relationship with a particular audience thirsting for high quality folk artists.

– Giannis Zavradinos

04. Krokofant with Ståle Storløkken & Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – Fifth

With each new release, Krokofant manage to evolve their sound, to change directions without deviating from their path to the top and in short to offer great records, one after the other. And on their fifth album, with the imaginative title Fifth, through their four labyrinthine compositions, they manage to lead the listener on an experimental walk through labyrinthine melodies and intricate improvisations that make up their jazz-rock hybrid. With the valuable contribution of Ståle Storløkken and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Krokofant complicates things with a genuinely progressive mood and intention, and highlights a sound characterized by the improvisational impulses on the one hand and the intense conversation with the legacy of e.g. King Crimson. Krokofant have created a genuinely enjoyable album, nothing short of an excellent example of contemporary artistic perception of the genre’s evolution, which seems to be a trademark of the impressive production of the Norwegian scene.

– Panos Papazoglou

03. Ciccada – Harvest

After two great albums, especially The Finest of Miracles, Ciccada are back after almost six years with their third record. Harvest offers six excellent compositions with the ultimate goal of transporting the listener to places that are intact but not unfamiliar. Six compositions that do not depart from the previous renaissance “pastoral” prog of the British school with distinct symphonic and jazz elements. Six compositions that glean their obsessions and highlight a lively and active perfectionist prog folk mystagogy. This is by far their richest and most mature work, always in terms of songwriting. Their prestige continues to heat in the light and in nature, where notes and nostalgic melodies of positive and spiritual contemplation alternate, leaving the indelible mark of an interactive fairy tale through images and magic.

– Thomas Sarakintsis

02. Agusa – En Annan Värld

The fourth studio album of Agusa, four years after their self-titled album, the quintet from Malmö is back with two line-up changes and the two side-song recipe that they had followed in Två (2015). In En Annan Värld, the music is once again deeply rooted in the early 70s with the commune spirit and the staggered development of themes (both songs last more than 20 minutes) highlighting the wonderful progressive / psych / folk rock of Agusa, exuding calmness, openness and above all persuasiveness. Sagobrus is by itself a reason for someone to listen and love this music, a sensational epic with an exciting development, indulgently rich in inspiration with sweet phrases as a homage to Camel. The more calm and ethereal and also exceptional Uppenbarelser is almost a surprise, exploring the more psychedelic side of the band, starting acoustically and ending in a more classically inspired theme that is built flawlessly, closing one of the best albums of the year.

– Dimitris Kaltsas

01. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim

In 2018, Mastodon’s longtime manager and friend, Nick John, lost the battle with cancer and Hushed and Grim is the band’s complete artistic reaction to this tragic event. It was created in quarantine isolation and eventually grew large enough to be released as a 15 track double album with a gray cover. The gour great musicians are great connoisseurs of rock music and though they basically play progressive metal in general, they have managed to cover a very wide range of sounds and influences, starting from psychedelic rock and reaching up to sludge metal, with several stops along the way. At the same time, they have the talent and experience to use all this rock alphabet, and create music without limits, which despite being seemingly inaccessible, it can speak to anyone who listens carefully. Hushed and Grim, a masterpiece about human loss, stripped of any suspicion of melodrama, eclectic and at the same time not at all elitist, an instant classic. It’s that gray on its cover, in all its grandeur and shades that this hazy color can have.

– Kostas Barbas


Dimitris Anastasiadis

01. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
02. Agusa – En Annan Värld
03. Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra – Promises
04. Ciccada – Harvest
05. Leprous – Aphelion
06. Motorpsycho – Kingdom of Oblivion
07. Hedvig Mollestad – Tempest Revisited
08. Gojira – Fortitude
09. Diagonal – 4
10. Sturgill Simpson – The Ballad of Dood & Juanita

Kostas Barbas

01. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
02. Krokofant with Ståle Storløkken & Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – Fifth
03. Agusa – En Annan Värld
04. Ryley Walker – Course in Fable
05. Ciccada – Harvest

06. Bend the Future – Without Notice
07. Motorpsycho – Kingdom of Oblivion
08. Diagonal – 4
09. Hedvig Mollestad – Tempest Revisited
10. Ske – Insolubilia

Meletis Doulgeroglou

01. Archspire – Bleed the Future
02. Between the Buried and Me – Colors II
03. Motorpsycho – Kingdom of Oblivion
04. Terra Odium – Ne Plus Ultra
05. At the Gates – The Nightmare of Being
06. Gojira – Fortitude
07. Fear Factory – Aggression Continuum
08. Iotunn – Access All Worlds

09. Hedvig Mollestad Trio – Ding Dong. You’re Dead.
10. Liquid Tension Experiment – Liquid Tension Experiment 3

Nikos Filippaios

01. Embryo – Auf Auf
02. Divorce From New York – This Ain’t Jazz No More
03. Time Is a Mountain – lll
04. Stiletti-Ana – I’m An Arpeggiator
05. Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp – We’re OK. But We’re Lost Anyway
06. Islandman – Godless Ceremony
07. L’ Eclair – Confusions
08. Occupations of Uninhabited Space – External Monologue
09. downstairs J – basement, etc…
10. Lanterna – Hidden Drives

Paris Gravouniotis

01. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
02. Ske – Insolubilia
03. Krokofant with Ståle Storløkken & Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – Fifth
04. Agusa – En Annan Värld
05. Ciccada – Harvest
06. Diagonal – 4
07. Hedvig Mollestad – Tempest Revisited
08. Ryley Walker – Course in Fable
09. Cynic – Ascension Codes
10. Need – Norchestrion: A Song for the End

Dimitris Kaltsas

01. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
02. Agusa – En Annan Värld
03. Krokofant with Ståle Storløkken & Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – Fifth
04. Diagonal – 4
05. Shamblemaths – Shamblemaths 2
06. Ryley Walker – Course in Fable
07. Hedvig Mollestad – Tempest Revisited
08. Ciccada – Harvest
09. Ske – Insolubilia
10. Motorpsycho – Kingdom of Oblivion

Vasilis Korolis

01. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
02. Gojira – Fortitude
03. Dold Vorde Ens Navn – Mørkere
04. Ethereal Shroud – Trisagion
05. Lingua Ignota – Sinner Get Ready
06. Funeral Mist – Deiform
07. Mystras – Empires Vanquished And Dismantled
08. Panopticon – …And Again Into the Light
09. Leprous – Aphelion
10. MØL – Diorama

Christos Minos

01. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
02. Iron Maiden – Senjutsu
03. Kenn Nardi – Trauma
04. Obscura – A Valediction
05. Terra Odium – Ne Plus Ultra
06. IIotunn – Access All Worlds
07. Carcass – Torn Arteries
08. Need – Norchestrion: A Song for the End
09. Cryptosis – Bionic Swarm
10. Liquid Tension Experiment – Liquid Tension Experiment 3

Eleni Panayiotou

01. Leprous – Aphelion
02. Frost* – Day and Age
03. Agusa – En Annan Värld
04. The Dear Hunter – The Indigo Child
05. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
06. Mariusz Duda – Claustrophobic Universe
07. Antony Kalugin – Chameleon Shapeshifter
08. Kristoffer Gildenlow – Let Me Be A Ghost
09. Dream Theater – A View from the Top of the World
10. Steven Wilson – The Future Bites

Petros Papadogiannis

01. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
02. Ryley Walker – Course in Fable
03. Hedvig Mollestad – Tempest Revisited
04. Iotunn – Access All Worlds
05. Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend
06. Cynic – Ascension Codes
07. Shamblemaths – Shamblemaths 2
08. Diagonal – 4
09. MEER – Playing House
10. Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek – DOST 1

Panos Papazoglou

01. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
02. Gojira – Fortitude
03. Krokofant with Ståle Storløkken & Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – Fifth
04. Terra Odium – Ne Plus Ultra
05. Dvne – Etemen Ænka
06. Turnstile – Glow On
07. Biffy Clyro – The Myth of The Happily Ever After
08. Motorpsycho – Kingdom of Oblivion
09. black midi – Cavalcade
10. Diagonal – 4

Goran Petrić

01. Cynic – Ascension Codes
02. Ske – Insolubilia
03. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
04. Ciccada – Harvest
05. Terra Odium – Ne Plus Ultra
06. Agusa – En Annan Värld
07. Canvas Solaris – Chromosphere
08. Diagonal – 4
09. Kenn Nardi – Trauma
10. A Dying Planet – When The Skies Are Grey

Tasos Poimenidis

01. Carcass – Torn Arteries
02. Terra Odium – Ne Plus Ultra
03. Need – Norchestrion: A Song for the End
04. Cynic – Ascension Codes
05. Obscura – A Valediction
06. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
07. Gojira – Fortitude
08. Cryptosis – Bionic Swarm
09. Demoniac – So It Goes
10. Leprous – Aphelion

Kostas Rokas

01. Krokofant with Ståle Storløkken & Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – Fifth
02. Ciccada – Harvest
03. The Bevis Frond – Little Eden
04. black midi – Cavalcade
05. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
06. Needlepoint – Walking Up That Valley
07. Jordsjø – Pastoralia
08. Levitation Orchestra – Illusions & Realities
09. Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine – A Beginner’s Mind
10. Godspeed You! Black Emperor – G_d’s Pee at State’s End!

Thomas Sarakintsis

01. Diagonal – 4
02. Ciccada – Harvest
03. Shamblemaths – Shamblemaths 2
04. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
05. Iron Maiden – Senjutsu
06. Ryley Walker – Course in Fable
07. Bend the Future – Without Notice
08. Hedvig Mollestad – Tempest Revisited
09. Terra Odium – Ne Plus Ultra
10. Krokofant with Ståle Storløkken & Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – Fifth

Lefteris Statharas

01. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
02. Agusa – En Annan Värld
03. Ryley Walker – Course in Fable
04. Ciccada – Harvest
05. Motorpsycho – Kingdom of Oblivion
06. Gojira – Fortitude
07. Hedvig Mollestad Trio – Ding Dong. You’re Dead.
08. black midi – Cavalcade
09. Krokofant with Ståle Storløkken & Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – Fifth
10. Ske – Insolubilia

Panagiotis Stathopoulos

01. Richard Dawson & Circle – Henki
02. Vault of Blossomed Ropes – Etidorhpa
03. Tomaga – Intimate Immensity
04. Aging, Land Trance – Embassy Nocturnes
05. Notwist – Vertigo Days
06. Embryo – Auf Auf
07. Vanishing Twin – Ookii Gekkou
08. Nils Okland – Glodetradar
09. Ryley Walker – Course in Fable
10. Lingua Ignota – Sinner Get Ready

Alexandros Topintzis

01. Turnstile – Glow On
02. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
03. black midi – Cavalcade
04. Ske – Insolubilia
05. Krokofant with Ståle Storløkken & Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – Fifth
06. Hedvig Mollestad – Tempest Revisited
07. MEER – Playing House
08. Jan Van Angelopoulos – Streams
09. Ill Considered – Liminal Space
10. Web Web x Max Herre – Web Max

Giannis Voulgaris

01. Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
02. Cynic – Ascension Codes
03. Gojira – Fortitude
04. Dvne – Etemen Ænka
05. Rivers of Nihil – The Work
06. Need – Norchestrion: A Song for the End
07. Vola – Witness
08. Obscura – A Valediction
09. Teramaze – And the Beauty they Perceive
10. Motorpsycho – Kingdom of Oblivion

Giannis Zavradinos

01. Cathal Coughlan – Song of Co-Aklan
02. MEER –  Playing House
03. Andy Summers – Harmonics of the Night
04. Utopianisti – Tango Solo
05. Ryley Walker – Course in Fable
06. Frost* – Day and Age
07. black midi – Cavalcade
08. Manic Street Preachers – The Ultra Vivid Lament
09. Shamblemaths – Shamblemaths 2
10. Krokofant with Ståle Storløkken & Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – Fifth

Giorgos Zoukas

01. Discodor – Discodor
02. Sven Wunder – Natura Morta
03. The Brkn Record – The Architecture of Oppression Part 1
04. Embryo – Auf Auf
05. Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra – Promises
06. Madlib – Sound Ancestors
07. Anthony Joseph – The Rich Are Only Defeated When Running For Their Lives
08. Jaubi – Nafs At Peace
09. MAST – Battle Hymns of the Republic
10. Cult48 – Underground Signals From An Unknown Place