Dear music lovers, is the outcome of the collaboration of a bunch of progressive music fans and the common goal they shared to form an Internet society focused on gathering information, news and expressing their views on bands and artists involved in the progressive rock (or peripheral) field.

At the same time, the primary goals of the squad are the constant supply of news regarding the global progressive rock scene, live reports in Greece or abroad, interviews and special features about Greek and international progressive rock.

Aside our passion for this kind of music, a main reason for collecting information and passing it on is, on the one hand, to point out artists and bands that acted in the past and, on the other hand, to establish a place to host contemporary bands and artists related to progressive music.

Given that this venture is a dynamic process, with regard to news as well as articles and reviews, we hope to have by our side musicians, listeners and music lovers in general in this vision of ours. is a place where you can keep yourselves updated and listen to music.

We hope you will be our companions!

The founding team of

Dimitris Kaltsas

Christine Maragou

Greg Papageorgiou

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