The Pineapple Thief release video for new single ‘Versions of The Truth’

The Pineapple Thief have released a video for their new single Versions Of The Truth, the title track of the band’s upcoming album, which will be released through Kscope on September 4.

The song holds up a mirror to the chaos and conflict of 21st-century life and tries to make sense of the distorted reflections that gaze back at it. A blurring between the real and the perceived, between meaning and intent. The title says it all: this is the soundtrack for a post-truth world.

Frontman Bruce Soord explains: “This track probably doesn’t need too much in the way of explanation. I came up with the title when we started writing the record back in October 2018. At the time, the world around me seemed to be losing respect for ‘the truth’. Any version of the truth, it seemed, was fair game as long as it got you what or where you wanted. I never expected the song to be even more pertinent today. The video however tackles very personal distortions of life and truth. George Laycock, who produced and directed the video, found some beautiful locations down here on the Dorset Jurassic coast, together with some local ‘swimmers’. Luckily, as George lives just 40 minutes away from me, we were able to shoot together again, even in today’s strange climate. The rivers, the blue seas and virgin blue skies unblemished by vapour trails look otherworldly. ‘It’s not how I remember it…’”

Versions Of The Truth is the third video from the band’s upcoming album. Watch the videos for Demons (click) and Break it All (click). 

Produced by the four members of the band – vocalist Bruce Soord, keyboardist Steve Kitch, bassist Jon Sykes and drummer Gavin Harrison – Versions Of The Truth will be released on CD, LP including various colours, digitally, Blu-ray disc with bonus track plus as a limited edition deluxe hardback book 4 disc version.

Pre-order Versions Of The Truth HERE.