Suburban Savages release new single ‘Iconoclast’

Norwegian avant-proggers Suburban Savages released Iconoclast, the second single from their upcoming album, Demagogue Days, that will be released by Apollon Records Prog on LP/CD/digital on the 5th of March.

The band comments” “Where Aroused and Confused was one the album’s longest and more complex tracks, Iconoclast is a bit more hard hitting and concise. The oldest track on the album, Trond (Gjellum) even played a very early version with his pre-Panzerpappa band, Sangioveze. Too good of a song to spend it’s days neglected on an old hard drive, we found it fitted quite nice together with the rest of the album and chose to resurrect and rework it…”

Listen to Aroused and Confused here.