Suburban Savages release new single ‘Aroused and Confused’

Norwegian avant-proggers Suburban Savages released Aroused and Confused, the first single from their upcoming album, Demagogue Days, that will be released by Apollon Records Prog on LP/CD/digital on the 5th of March.

Despite being the album’s longest track, Aroused and Confused still felt like the best choice for the first single, showcasing how the band has grown and matured as both musicians and composers since the release of Kore Wa! in 2017 (check our reviews here).

The band comments: “On Demagogue Days the music has become more dynamic and nuanced, the arrangements sophisticated and ambitious. Vocals take a more prominent role than on earlier albums. Aroused and Confused is an energetic track where complexity and playfulness naturally segue into more dreamy and melancholic passages. The lyrics are based on stream of consciousness and cut-up techniques, words chosen with both their sonorous qualities and actual meaning in mind.”

Suburban Savages:

Trond Gjellum: vocals, drums, percussion, programming, synths, samples
Anders Kristian Krabberød: bass, e-bow guitar
Mari Lesteberg: backing vocals, synths
Thomas Meidell: vocals, electric guitar, electric sitar, synths

+ Aleksandra Morozova: backing vocals