playlists: January 2022

January is already past and unfortunately what prevailed during the first month of 2022 was the sad news about the passing of great musicians such as Burke Shelley (Budgie), Peter Dunton (T2) and Nikos Antypas (Socrates). We hope that the new music that comes will balance out -at least to some extent- such very unpleasant news.

The albums we listened to most during January! Good month to all!


Dimitris Anastasiadis
Free – Highway

Free – Fire and Water
UFO – Lights Out
Scorpions – Lovedrive
Spiritual Beggars – On Fire

Kostas Barbas
Budgie – Budgie
Dream Theater – Falling Into Infinity
Red Frame – Whakapakoko
Shamblemaths – Shamblemaths 2
The Tea Party – Transmission

Meletis Doulgeroglou
Diviner – Realms of Time

Meshuggah – The Violent Sleep of Reason
Opeth – Damnation
Darkwater- Human
Waken Eyes – Exodus

Nikos Filippaios
UNKLE – Rōnin I
Pino Daniele – Pino Daniele
Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
UNKLE – Psyence Fiction
L’ Eclair – Confusions

Paris Gravouniotis
Def Leppard – High ‘n’ Dry

Little Feat – Sailin’ Shoes
Conception – In Your Multitude
Eskaton – 4 Visions
Indukti – S.U.S.A.R.

Dimitris Kaltsas
Alice In Chains – Live

Kopperfield – Tales Untold
Rocky Votolato – Suicide Medicine
The Cult – Beyond Good And Evil
Tim Buckley – Honeyman

Spyros Konitopoulos
Agusa – En Annan Värld

Hedvig Mollestad – Tempest Revisited
Ske – Insolubilia
Waterboys – This is the Sea
Alice in Chains – Facelift

Christos Minos
Dixie Dregs – What If

Skyclad – Prince of the Poverty Line
Thin Lizzy – Chinatown
Chemichal Brothers – Dig Your Own Hole
Wilderun – Epigone

Petros Papadogiannis
Richard Dawson & Circle- Henki

Λάμδα – ΤΡИА
Ian Neal – Barkston Ash
Goblin – Suspiria
Madrugada – Chimes at Midnight

Panos Papazoglou
Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
Rush – Moving Pictures
Marillion – Afraid of Sunlight
Sieges Even – The Art of Navigating By the Stars
Cathedral – The Ethereal Mirror

Thanos Patsos
Robin Trower – Bridge of Sighs

Eldritch – Eos
Elegy – Lost
Socrates – Phos
Between the Buried and Me – Colors II

Goran Petrić
Ian Neal – Barkston Ash
Gazpacho – Tick Tock
Budgie – Power Supply
Steve Vai – Inviolate
Lalu – The Paint Sky

Tasos Poimenidis
King Crimson – Thrak

King Crimson – The Power to Believe
Rivers of Nihil – The Work
Exhorder – The Law
Ripping Corpse – Dreaming With the Dead

Kostas Rokas
Frank Zappa – 200 Motels
Robert Wyatt – The End of An Ear
Agusa – En Annan Värld
Keith Tippett – You Are Here… I Am There
The Fall – Grotesque

Thomas Sarakintsis
Thinking Plague – In Extremis

Vendetta – Brain Damage
The Byrds – Fifth Dimension
Zero Hour  – Specs of Pictures Burnt Beyond
Τ2 – Ιt’ll All Work Out In Boomland

Lefteris Statharas
Verbal Delirium – So Close and Yet So Far Away
Alice in Chains – Dirt
Divorce From New York – This Ain’t Jazz No More
Peter Gabriel – New Blood
Neil Young – Decade

Panagiotis Stathopoulos
Perilymph – Tout En Haut

Peter Frohmader – Wintermusic / Bass Symphony No. 3
Jim O’ Rourke – Eureka
Shamblemaths – Shamblemaths 2
Forest Swords – Engravings

Alexandros Topintzis
The Physics House Band – Incident on 3rd
Cynic – Ascension Codes
Prince of Lilies – Vent
Red Frame – Whakapakoko
Ryley Walker – So Certain (EP)

Giannis Voulgaris
Sieges Even – The Art of Navigating by the Stars
Alice in Chains – Dirt
The Pineapple Thief – Magnolia
Ghost – Prequelle
Jack Savoretti – Europiana

Giannis Zavradinos
DEVO – New Traditionalists
Ian Dury –  New Boots and Panties!!
Depeche Mode – Construction Time Again
The Clash – Sandinista!
The Soft Boys – A Can of Bees

Giorgos Zoukas
Roger Webb – Bartleby

Various Artists – Tickets for Doomsday: Heavy Psychedelic Funk and Soul Ballads & Digers 1970-1975
Message – From Books and Dreams
Betamax vs Clive Bell – Betamax vs Clive Bell
Timo Lassy – Trio