Plini releases first single from his upcoming second album

 Plini has released his brand new single I’ll Tell You Someday, a song from his ucoming second album Impulse Voices which will be released on November 29. 

Plini explains: “I picked this as the first single because I wanted to provide the listener with a big, warm, instrumental hug, in a time when I feel everyone could use one. I think it gives a friendly first impression of the album, in terms of sound and energy, though may also provide a false sense of security for some of the stranger territory the rest of the album ventures into…” 

Impulse Voices was mixed and co-produced by Simon Grove, with artwork designed by long-time collaborator Alex Pryle. The album features Chris Allison on drums, Simon Grove on bass, with guest contributions from Dave Mackay on piano and synthesizer, John Waugh on saxophone, Amy Turk on electro-acoustic harp, and additional production from Devesh Dayal and Aleksandra Djelmash. 

Pre-order Impulse Voices here.

Plini – Impulse Voices
1. I’ll Tell You Someday
2. Papelillo
3. Perfume
4. Last Call
5. Impulse Voices
6. Pan
7. Ona / 1154
8. The Glass Bead Game