New live album by Gösta Berlings Saga

Swedish instrumental proggers Gösta Berlings Saga announced the release of live album Artefacts – Live, which was released on May 15th through InsideOut Music.

The album was recorded at a unique concert in their hometown Stockholm, at Södra Teatern, where they performed their latest album ET EX (our review here) in its entirety, along with some older tracks. Guest appearances by Henke Palm – guitar (Henrik Palm, Pig Eyes , ex In Solitude), Tor Sjödén – percussion (Viagra Boys), Lars Åhlund – saxophone (Soen), Daniel Fagge Fagerström – soundz (Weirdest Dream, ex The Skull Defekts, Optic Nest).

Gösta Berlings Saga have also completed work on their sixth studio album, entitled Konkret Musik, which has been recorded, mixed and produced by Daniel Fagerström and will be released on July 24th. A first track from the new album will be made available on May 29.

Gösta Berlings Saga: Artefacts – Live
1. Veras tema (5:00)
2. The Shortcomings of Efficiency (7:15)
3. Square 5 (7:32)
4. Artefacts (6:12)
5. Capercaillie Lammergeyer Cassowary & Repeat (8:46)
6. Brus från stan (2:06)
7. Fundament (11:56)
8. Terra Nova (6:40)
9. Sersophane (8:54)

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