Hail Spirit Noir release a video for ‘Crossroads’ from forthcoming album ‘Eden in Reverse’

Hail Spirit Noir released a video for the song Crossroads from their forthcoming album Eden in Reverse. The song features a guest appearance from Borknagar’s Lars “Lazare” Nedland.

The band states: “Crossroads represents the catchy side of the album, This is the only track that was unfinished for many, many months. When Lars came on board, everything fell into place and the song evolved into its final shape. Lyrically it’s a hymn to the Darwinian spirit in every single cell on its journey through endless possibilities, for better or for worse.”

“Well this was a waste of time”, thought Darwin as the incense took hold of him. His head swirling, he watched as a silly millipede tried to speak to a baby and sighed as a flower played hide and seek with the sun. Its spot was so good it would never be found. There was one last chance, an ape, but it couldn’t make up it’s mind. The colours at the end of the tunnel were bright as with every automaton. You can watch the video and see yourself:

Eden in Reverse is due out on June 19 through Agonia Records and can be pre-ordered here.

You can also isten to The First Ape On New Earth, the first song revealed from the forthcoming album of Hail Spirit Noir here.


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