First song from upcoming album by Pixie Ninja

Colours out of Space is the second album by the scandinavian neu progband Pixie Ninja. Similar to their debut album, Colours out of Space is fully instrumental, but unlike their previous release (check our reviews here), this album is heavily influenced by some of the short stories written by The Godfather of horror fiction: Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

With vintage instruments like the Orchestron, maestrovox, fender rhodes and mellotrons suddenly crashing into twisted samples and modern synthesizers, Colours out of Space will take you on a cosmic journey with its raw explosiveness and dark ambience, blending progressive rock with atmospheric soundscapes that mixes majestic sections with experimental chaos, Pixie Ninja is putting the listener to the test with this lovecraftian-inspired concept album.

Listen to Leng Plateau from the upcoming album by Pixie Ninja:

Pre-order in digital, cd or vinyl (180g black / gold) format HERE.

All songs written and performed by Pixie Ninja in Nobø Studios, Rognan, Norway.
Additional recordings done at Roth Händle V, Sollentuna, Sweden.

Produced by Mattias Olsson.
Mixed by Mattias Olsson & Stefan Fandén.
Mastered by Thomas Plec Johansson at the Panic Room.
Cover by Henning Lindahl

Release date: July 3, 2020

Pixie Ninja:
Marius Leirånes
Jostein Haugen
Mattias Olsson
Fredrik Klingwall

Additional musicians:
Tiger Olsson
Hampus Nordgren-Hemlin
Leo Svensson-Zander
Fredrik Carlzon

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