Zombi release first song from new album ‘2020’

Zombi celebrates 20 years with their 7th full-length album 2020 – coming July 17 on Relapse Records! Listen to the opening song Breakthrough & Conquer and pre-order at https://orcd.co/zombi2020.

Mastered by James Plotkin
Cover Photo by Curt Gettman
Guitar Solos by Phil Manley

2020 Tracklist:

1. Breakthrough & Conquer
2. Earthscraper
3. No Damage
5. Fifth Point of the Pentangle
6. Family Man
7. Mountain Ranges
8. First Flower
9. Thoughtforms

First Vinyl Pressing Info:

Electric Blue w/ Neon Yellow Pinwheels & Heavy Neon Orange, Neon Violet & Neon Magenta Splatter *LTD to 100*⁣
Neon Pink & Baby Blue Merge w/ Heavy Neon Violet, Neon Orange & Neon Yellow Splatter *LTD to 200*⁣
Highlighter Yellow w/ Heaven Baby Blue, Baby Pink & Neon Orange Splatter *LTD to 500*⁣
Beer w/ Heavy Black Splatter *LTD to 500 & US Indie Store Exclusive*

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