The Opeth poll

Intro:  Dimitris Kaltsas
11 / 09 / 2019

The release of In Cauda Venenum will be no.13 in the back catalogue of Opeth starting from Orchid in 1995. The transition from progressive death metal to proggier metal and less death and then even less till the complete shift to vintage progressive rock came with the metal element being limited to touches with a potential increase in the upcoming In Cauda Venenum.

During these 24 years of recording, perhaps the most striking thing is that the band has managed to completely renew itself and these years do not seem to burden Mikael Åkerfeldt and his company in the least. The entrance of Fredrik Åkesson (guitar), Martin Axenrot (drums) and Joakim Svalberg (keys) in the band lineup found Opeth ready to cope with the ever-increasing demands and to confirm their reputation of an amazing concert band each and every time. Another rare feature is that virtually every single album has its own status in the audience, largely due to the exhaustively worked material, the particular attention to the sound quality (many productions on their albums are exemplary with contributions by Dan Swanö, Fredrik Nordström, Steven Wilson, Jens Bogren, Tom Dalgety) and the complex prog structures with typically extended intros and alternations from electric to acoustic guitars and vice versa. However, apart from the many great things they have already accomplished, undoubtedly much of Opeth’s legacy lies in Åkerfeldt’s charisma and originality as a guitarist. His signature melodies and his imposing and always inspiring solos are rare in prog metal, death metal, and even prog rock from the 80s to the present day.

The release of In Cauda Venenum was the perfect occasion to delve a little deeper into their works and each of selected 5 favorite albums and songs by Opeth. Summing up the views of 18 editors, Blackwater Park topped the list, with Damnation second, while it is impressive that 10 of the band’s 12 albums to date have been selected.

So, aggregately, the ranking of Opeth albums based on the preferences of the editors of is as follows:

01. Blackwater Park74
02. Damnation46
03. Still Life40
04. Ghost Reveries29
05. Deliverance25
06. Watershed20
07. My Arms, Your Hearse18
08. Morningrise11
09. Pale Communion04
10. Heritage01

(scores were obtained by assigning to each list no.1 as 5, no.2 as 4and so on)

Regarding the songs, the result was even more impressive. Our picks include 39 different tracks, i.e. 45% of the band’s songs! Blackwater Park was marginally the first:

01. Blackwater Park25
02. Deliverance21
03. In my Time of Need20
04. Windowpane17
05. The Moor13
06. The Drapery Falls12
07. Face of Melinda11
08. Bleak10
09. The Leper Affinity10
10. Dirge for November09

And here are our top-5’s:

Dimitris AnastasiadisBlackwater ParkThe Leper Affinity
Ghost ReveriesThe Grand Conjuration
Still LifeThe Devil’s Orchard
WatershedGhost of Perdition
Kostas BarbasBlackwater ParkBleak
DamnationThe Drapery Falls
Still LifeDemon of the Fall
Ghost ReveriesThe Moor
My Arms, Your HearseEnding Credits
Vangelis ChristodoulouBlackwater ParkThe Drapery Falls
Still LifeBlackwater Park
My Arms, Your HearseWindowpane
DamnationGodhead’s Lament
MorningriseTo Bid you Farewell
Meletis DoulgeroglouDeliveranceBlackwater Park
Ghost ReveriesBy the Pain I Feel in Others
Blackwater ParkThe Lotus Eater
DamnationThe Baying of the Hounds
My Arms, Your HearseTo Rid the Disease
Ilias GoumagiasDamnationWindowpane
Blackwater ParkIn My Time of Need
Still LifeDeath Whispered a Lullaby
Ghost ReveriesHope Leaves
Paris GravouniotisDamnationIn My Time of Need
Blackwater ParkHarvest
Ghost ReveriesReverie / Harlequin Forest
Still LifeBurden
Pale CommunionFace of Melinda
Dimitris KaltsasDamnationWindowpane
Blackwater ParkIn My Time of Need
WatershedHope Leaves
DeliveranceA Fair Judgement
Ghost ReveriesBurden
Vasilis KorolisMorningriseAdvent
My Arms, Your HearseBlack Rose Immortal
Blackwater ParkThe Lotus Eater
Still LifeFace Of Melinda
Christos MinosBlackwater ParkBlackwater Park
Still LifeDeliverance
Ghost ReveriesReverie / Harlequin Forest
DamnationDemon of the Fall
Pale CommunionFace of Melinda
Eleni PanayiotouStill LifeFace of Melinda
WatershedThe Moor
Blackwater ParkDeliverance
Ghost ReveriesThe Grand Conjuration
Petros PapadogiannisBlackwater ParkA Fair Judgement
My Arms, Your HearseDirge for November
Ghost ReveriesWhen
DamnationThe Grand Conjuration
Still LifeIn My Time of Need
Goran PetrićDamnationBurden
Blackwater ParkIn My Time of Need
Pale CommunionBlackwater Park
Tasos PoimenidisBlackwater ParkThe Lepper Affinity
Still LifeHeir Apparent
Ghost ReveriesThe Moor
My Arms, Your HearseThe Grand Conjuration
DeliveranceThe Baying of The Hounds
Thomas SarakintsisBlackwater ParkHessian Peel
Still LifeEternal Rains Will Come
DamnationApril Ethereal
Lefteris StatharasDamnationTo Rid The Disease
Blackwater ParkBlackwater Park
DeliveranceHeir Apparent 
Still LifeDeliverance
WatershedFace of Melinda
Alexandros TopintzisDeliveranceBlackwater Park
Blackwater ParkWhen
Still LifeIn My Time of Need
My Arms, Your HearseBeneath The Mire
Giannis VoulgarisGhost ReveriesThe Moor
WatershedHarlequin Forest
Still LifeThe Drapery Falls
DamnationHessian Peel
Blackwater ParkDeliverance
Giannis ZavradinosBlackwater ParkDirge for November
MorningriseDrapery Falls
Still LifeMaster’s Apprentices
My Arms, Your HearseFace of Melinda