Coral Caves release new single ‘This Night love Bleeds’

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Christos Pappas announces the come back for his band Coral Caves, 10 years after debut album Labyrinth’s Path and unveils their new sound and direction with the 2020 produced single This Night Love Bleeds. Described by the artist as ‘a musical trip from Greece & the Balkans to the West, a prisma of Greek & Balkan music traditions in a post-modern context.’

This is an anniversary release, celebrating the 10 years after Coral Caves’ 1st album release & 8 years after their 2nd and last Ep Album ‘Sometimes Shine’ (CPS-Records 2012). Recalling the writing of the album, Christos comments that: I composed & produced that album in a very emotionally tense period of my life. Labyrinth’s Path for me acts as a catharsis for all the mournful emotions I experienced that period. Is an expressionistic music journey, a diving trip to the emotions and senses.’

This Night Love Bleeds is a re-recorded, re-mixed and re-produced song in 2020. It combines some of the original recordings from Labyrinth’s Path album release in 2010! The new and the old generate and unveil the new direction that the band will take onwards. Guitars substitute the lute & bouzouki. The saxophone performances, scores and melodies are inspired from Greek traditions, while the brass instruments incite and invite you to the sound of the Balkans. Lyrically as its bold title states, it refers to erotic / personal relationships; times of romance and tenderness have gone.

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