Black Fate share first single ‘Savior Machine’ off their upcoming album ‘Ithaca’

Larissa, Greece-based power / progressive metal band Black Fate will issue their fourth full-length studio album Ithaca on October 23rd, 2020 through Rockshots Records.

The band commented: “Ithaca is melodic, technical, and groovy, but also a bit dark. It has beautiful and strange melodies with powerful emotions. We believe it’s an album for all kinds of metal audiences. We hope the fans will see it the same way. We see Ithaca as a very integrated album. Fans who have followed us over the years will also notice many changes in the songwriting process, we concentrated to find the best form and the best overall result for every song.”

The fisrt single off Ithaca is titled Savior Machine. The band comments about the song: “A fast tempo song, maybe the fastest track of the album with aggressive guitars, dark melodic & catchy vocals, fast drumming and intense choral keyboards.”

Black Fate’s line-up:

Vasilis Georgiou (vocals)
Gus Drax (guitar)
Vasilis Liakos (bass)
Nikos Tsintzilonis (drums)
Themis Koparanidis (keyboards)