Tomas Bodin is the new member of Moon Safari

One month after the (obligatory) split with Simon Åkesson, Moon Safari found a replacement who is Tomas Bodin, well-known for being the keyboardist of Flower Kings, as well as his solo projects. The band uploaded a post on its Facebook page that reads: “There are quite a few wizards behind the ivories in the progressive galaxy – But there’s only one jedi… Ladies, gentlemen, droids and whatnots…
The circle is now complete. Meet the master joining Moon Safari: Mr. Tomas Bodin.As most of you know, Tomas and Moon Safari go way back. Back to 2003, as a matter of fact, when he helped us making the first demo and later co-produced our debut album A doorway to summer. Moon Safari is really excited to work with Tomas again. We’re meeting up next week and will bring you and update then”.

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