Discipline pen new deal and release new record

Laser’s Edge has announced that progressive rock kings Discipline have signed a new deal with them and they aim for a new release early June. Their newly-completed fifth studio full-length will be called “Captives Of The Wine Dark Sea”.

The band’s current lineup, including drummer Paul Dzendzel, bassist Mathew Kennedy, lead guitarist Chris Herin and vocalist/keyboardist Matthew Parmenter, worked with veteran music producer Terry Brown (Rush, Fate’s Warning) for the mixing of their newest release, which Parmenter describes as, “an escape to ameliorate the workaday world.”

Laser’s Edge owner Ken Golden relays, “I’ve been a fan of Discipline’s music since their first release. The band long ago established themselves as one of the finest American progressive rock bands. It’s an honor to finally be collaborating with them.”


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