The Figures Of Enormous Grey Αnd The Patterns Of Fraud

[Studio Album, 2011]


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2. The-Figures-Of-Enormous-Grey-And-The-Patterns-Of-Fraud  


01. Part One [14:27]         
          The Patterns Of Fraud                          
          The Unshakeable Alibi                         
          Delusions Of Grandeur            
          The "All Things Decay" Nebula              
        The Finger Of Blame                     
02. Part Two [13:02]​          
         The Urge Of Identity     
         The Figures Of Enonymous Grey                
         The Paradox Of Youth                       
       The Farewell Letters                           


Διάρκεια:  27:30


Manos Paterakis – santoor [santuri], electric guitar, voice, guitar [classic], synthesizer [synths], bass [bow bass], other [shaker], whistle [train whistle], effects, other [radio], other [treated environment]
Nikos Retsos – drums, electric guitar, bass, synthesizer [synths], drum [frame drum], drums, harp [small], accordion, cymbal, drum [udu drum], other [treated environment]                         
Lefteris Varthalis – acoustic bass [semi acoustic bass], electric bass, bass [bow bass], harp [small], voice [voices]  Akis Papavasileiou – electric guitar, voice [voices]          
Spiros Vrionis – cello            
Leonidas Balafas – voice [voices]               
Spiros Vrionis – voice [voices]  


Δισκογραφική εταιρεία: Restless Wind

Ημερομηνία: 2011


Artwork: Bob Studio           
Lacquer cut by: Andreas      
Mastered by: Simon Bloom            
Producer: Manos Paterakis, Nikos Retsos​     
Recorded by, Mixed by: Nikos Retsos  


















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