Spectral Extravagance

[Studio Album, 2009]


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1. Spectrum Extravagance  


01. Fragments Of Illusion [04:18] 
02. Scatter-Brain [03:49] 
03. Pattern Of Fear [03:47] 
04. Intolerable Ado [04:58] 
05. Epiphysis Thrive [03:58] 
06. Edge Of Parallel Circles [03:52] 
07. Beyond Imagination [04:37] 
08. Thorns Of Weakness [03:53] 
09. Salvia Divinorum [04:06] 
10. The Prologue Of Completion [instrumental] [01:38]

11. Shreds Of Remains [03:49]    



Διάρκεια:  42:45


Apollon Zigomalas – Vocals
JJim Touras – Guitar
Mike Papadopoulos – Guitar, Bass


Δισκογραφική εταιρεία: Lacerated Enemy Records

Ημερομηνία: 2009


Guitars, bass and vocals recorded from 31st of April to 14th of May 2007 at DB Recordings Studio with Dali Sternisa and Grega Zupan
Drums recorded at Grindhouse Studios
Mixed and Mastered at Grindhouse Studios by George Bokos, Mike Papadopoulos and Jim Touras
Artwork and Logo by Michal "XAAY" Loranc
Photos by Jimbo​

















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