Maat Lander / Øresund Space Collective – Split

[Clostridium records, 2017]

Intro: Ilias Goumagias
Translation: Niki Nikolakaki

/ 03 / 2017

The split LP of Maat Lander and Øresund Space Collective is about to be officially released in the spring of this year. Maat Lander consist of Ilya Lipkin of Re-Stoned and the brothers Ark and Ivan Fedotof of Vespero, while Øresund Space Collective need no special introduction. The partnership itself of these two bands gives a particular colour to this split album that sets it apart from the clutter of releases of the space rock genre.


Time We Left…

Maat Lander and Øresund Space Collective serve the same purpose, but with a different way: the former are based on a concise, uniform rhythm section over which unfold intelligent guitar improvisations, while the latter rely more on the synths and build up musical themes on them without falling short in the groove.

The title The Multicellular Structures Into The Space Drift prepares the listener both for the experimental nature of a typical track of Maat Lander whose roughness and heaviness flirts openly with heavy metal, before ending up in the acoustic, almost folk deconstruction. In Easy Teenage Version the play of Øresund Space Collective is much more spread out and the result sharper. Using repeated musical phrases, the piece is within the limits of “bad trip”, but without exceeding them. References to bands like Ash Ra Tempel and Tangerine Dream are clear and intertwine in harmony throughout the length of the piece.

In the approximately 42-minute album the quality of Ark and Ivan Fedotof stands out, lifting high enough the whole project. Simultaneously, the ideas on guitar  and the consistent (70’s and much more) playing by Lipkin hold our interest undiminished. This is the side of the album which I prefer, mainly because it seems to be tickling the fusion side of my intuition. On the other hand,  Øresund Space Collective are the ‘usual suspects’ who know very well how to escalate the psychedelic mood based on krautrock, the heritage of Ozric Tentacles and always moving in the limits of trance.

At a time when the voices of the theory of flat-earth supporters are heard more and more, space rock, beyond its artistic value, is a parameter capable to remind us the real purpose of humanity, when the latter seems to make steps backwards.

7 / 10

Ilias Goumagias


2nd opinion


Another great release by Clostridium records in the well-known psychedelic style that characterizes it. The Russians Maat Lander seem to be more in the mood as they create a wonderful space rock journey and enrich it with louder guitar passages. Due to the long duration they have the ease to play between psychedelia and a more space concept of “lysergic” prog, we dare say. Here we have the best track of this release with the band in really good mood. The other side belongs to the known and distinguished masters of psychedelic space, ØSC, that for years now have traveled us in their vast musical space. Here we have a  slower and more experimental twenty-minute journey, showing us that they can create new paths and escaping from the trap of monotony. A release for lovers of the genre and maybe more…

8 / 10

Kostas Rokas

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