Details on the upcoming debut solo album of Jargon (Verbal Delirium)

The Fading Thought is the title of the debut solo album of Jargon, founder of Verbal Delirium. The album will be released this May on vinyl and digital format. The music combines elements of classical and cinematic music with progressive rock. The arrangement of the string quartet was carried out by Nikitas Kissonas (Methexis), the drums were played by the drummer of Verbal Delirium, Wil Bow, while bass, production, mixing and mastering were handled by Leronidas Petropoulos. In the song How can I? Lupe (Mosquito) participates on vocals.

The artwork of the album was done by Dimitris Tzortis (Immensa Artis).

The album will soon be on pre-sale.



Artist: Jargon

Album Title: The Fading Thought

Music and Lyrics by Jargon 



  1. The Film (05:33)
  2. In Search Of the Invisible Thin Line (04:53)
  3. Dance of the Framed Words (02:38)
  4. The Fading Thought (07:17)
  5. Light (03:54)
  6. Time Is Running Out (06:54)
  7. How Can I? (06:22)
  8. The Last Temptation (07:10)
  9. Window to the World (04:54)




  • Jargon – Vocals, Keyboards, Piano
  • Nikitas Kissonas – Guitars
  • Leonidas Petropoulos – Bass
  • Wil Bow – Drums
  • Kostas Karitzis – Violin
  • Stelios Papanastasis – Viola
  • Thodoris Mouzakitis – Violin
  • Aris Zervas – Cello
  • Lupe – Additional Vocals on “How Can I?”

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