Verbal Delirium announce the release of ‘Conundrum’

Conundrum, the fourth album from renowned Greek progressive rock band Verbal Delirium, will be released by Bad Elephant Music on 25th November, with preorders opening on Friday 4th November.

Conundrum sees the band in fantastic form, with their signature blend of alternative and modern progressive rock infused with hits of classic pop and rock. Jargon’s dark lyricism fuses seamlessly with the strong melodic approach to the music, mixing light and darkness to create a sound which generally has no boundaries.

Jargon (keybordist, singer and sole composer) says: “If I had to describe the sound of Conundrum, I’d say something like Pink Floyd meets Cardiacs, meets Queen, meets Muse, meets King Crimson. We can’t wait to get this album out, and we hope you’re all going to love it!” “We’re really happy that Verbal Delirium wanted to work with us again”, says David Elliott, BEM’s label manager. “Conundrum absolutely fits in with our genre-fluid approach. It’s a great album to round out our 2022”.

Pre-orders for Conundrum will open on the next Bandcamp Friday, 4th November.

1. Falling
2. In Pieces
3. Intruders
4. Children Of Water
5. Conundrum
6. The Watcher
7. Neon Eye Cage
8. Fall From Grace