Steven Wilson discusses the possibility of Storm Corrosion II

Steven Wilson discussed the possibility of a follow-up to Storm Corrosion’s 2012 self-titled debut album. In a new interview in the latest issue of Prog Magazine, Wilson mentioned that he is currently working on a new remix of the album, which celebrates its tenth anniversary next year which will be celebrated with a new reissue.

Wilson said: “I love that record. That was another record that created a lot of controversy. I’m so proud of that record. Part of the reason we’re both proud of it is it was the last thing anyone expected us to do. It’s perfect for 5.1 because there’s no drums. I’ve just done an Atmos mix of the album, because that’s an album that’s going to be ten years old next year as well. We did a great version of Drag Ropes at one of Albert Hall shows which we mixed. So that version’s been mixed, it sounds beautiful. The album is going to be remixed in Atmos. And I think we’re going to do a reissue of that. And that could be good time to do another record. Obviously, there’s a geographical issue. We can’t just get together on Tuesday nights and jam and we don’t want to do it by email. We did Storm Corrosion when we were in the same room at the same time the whole time we made that record, and we wouldn’t want to do a record any other way. I like to think we’ll do it eventually.”

Mikael Åkerfeldt had stated in an interview in 2019: “We always talk a little bit about it, if we’re gonna do another one. But yeah, I think we’ll try; at some point, we’ll try. I can almost say a hundred percent that we will try, without really knowing — but just judging from how we talk about this project. That was a fun thing for both of us and a new thing for both of us. But the problem, when you have one record, is that there’s a reference point. So it’s likely that if we do another record, maybe there’ll be another name for that project. And it’s likely it will sound completely different.”