Yes guitarist Steve Howe releases first solo album since 2011

Steve Howe’s new solo album Love Is is set to be released on July 31 through BMG Records. This is the first solo album by the legendary Yes guitarist in nine years. Half of the songs are instrumental and Howe takes on vocals, along with electric, acoustic and steel guitars, keyboards, percussion and bass on the album, while Yes singer Jon Davison provides vocal harmonies and bass on the vocal tracks. The album also features Dylan Howe on drums.

Steve Howe comments: “I called the album Love Is because it hints at the central idea that love is important but also love of the universe and the ecology of the world is very important. Alexander Humboldt went around the world and recognized we are destroying the planet, but that was 200 years ago! We are still destroying the planet and, I suppose, my songs show the yearning I have for the love of nature and how beauty, art and music all stem from nature. There is a theme about those things, love, beauty, ecology, nature and wonderful people.”

Love Is track listing:

1 Fulcrum (instrumental)
2 See Me Through
3 Beyond The Call (instrumental)
4 Love Is A River
5 Sound Picture (instrumental)
6 It Ain’t Easy
7 Pause For Thought (instrumental)
8 Imagination
9 The Headlands (instrumental)
10 On The Balcony

You can listen to The Headlands, the album’s first single below.


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