Teramaze announce the release of upcoming album ‘And The Beauty They Perceive’

Teramaze announced the release of their new album titled And The Beauty They Perceive, set to be released on October 5, 2021.

Guitarist, vocalist and main songwriter Dean Wells comments: “This is our third album released in under 12 months, and our ninth studio album as a band, I truly believe it’s one of our greatest yet and one that all teramaze fans old and new will really enjoy.”

Guitarist Chris Zoupa adds: “When writing ATBTP, we wanted the album to be 9 killer tracks that combined all the elements of technicality, emotion, orchestration and catchiness that can be found across every Teramaze album through the years. I think we comfortably achieved that, and all Teramaze fans are really going to dig this album!”

And The Beauty They Perceive tracklist:
1. And The Beauty They Perceive (6.07)
2. Jackie Seth (4.52)
3. Untide (6.09)
4. Modern Living Space (10.22)
5. Blood Of Fools (6.23)
6. Waves (4.38)
7. Son Rise (5.50)
8. Search For The Unimaginable (7.12)
9. Head Of The King (11.11)