Purson disbanded

“The Purson framework has gone as far as it could go, and now it’s simply time to move on”.

The above statement was made by the band’s leader Rosalie Cunningham who added: “The past five years have been an unforgettable whirlwind, for which I have to thank our wonderful fans around the world, the band and all the people who have contributed to Purson’s success over the years. I feel strongly drawn to a more DIY approach to my career in music, and look forward to the freedom to explore many avenues as a solo artist”, a comment that might be a sideswipe at the direction of the band’s second album which might not be exactly what Rosalie had in mind. We’ll know when she shows her hand when she makes her next move, so we just inform you that Purson have released one final track entitled Chocolate Money to mark the end of the band, which you can hear on iTunes and Spotify.

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