New shrimp species named after Pink Floyd

A new species of pistol shrimp discovered in Panama Bay, inspired the scientists who found it to name it Synalpheus pinkfloydi, as its scientific name is, thanks to its bright pink-red claw. Nevertheless, were Arthur Anker and Sammy De Grave unaware of Pink Floyd, it is more than likely that the christening would have taken a different turn. Anker said: “I often play Pink Floyd as background music while I’m working, but now the band and my work have been happily combined in the scientific literature.” De Grave added: “I have been listening to Floyd since The Wall was released in 1979, when I was 14 years old. I’ve seen them play live several times since, including the Hyde Park reunion gig for Live8 in 2005”.

The paper of Arthur Anker, Kristin M. Hultgren and Sammy De Grave was published in Zootaxa (full text here).

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