Desert Monks released their debut album!

Desert Monks were formed in 2015 in Athens and their music is mainly alternative rock with the discrete presence of elements deriving from each member’s diverse sonic and artistic background.

Their debut album is entitled “Dark Grooves”. Prominently overdriven style, tight grooves, occasionally calm harmonies, repetitive energy-building motifs and heavier bursts combine to create inviting soundscapes waiting to be explored.

The  album tracklist:

  1. Dark Grooves
  2. Heart to Break
  3. I Don’t Mind
  4. Tame You
  5. Northern Star
  6. Even Then
  7. The Rain
  8. Rip My Soul
  9. I’ll Be There
  10. Lighthouses
  11. The Devil

You can listen and buy digital copies of Dark Grooves here:  

Hardcopies will be available from 25/1/2019.

Enjoy the first video clip of the band: 

Recording / Mixing: Recover Studio ( – Andreas Droulias & Manos Pantelias

Mastering: Audiosiege Music Production (

Artwork: Johnny Kaper (

Prduction: Desert Monks

The artwork, as well as the succession of the tracks, parallels a personal journey with a road trip, as journeys are directly linked to introspection, a term that also characterizes the band’s entity. The hero’s path to his salvation begins with a night-time self-chase in the desert.

It is described by a series of details of his journey, memories and moments of consciousness and the dawn finds him calm, strong and accepting his position in the world that is no other than the same desert where he started.

Although they have been present for only a few years, Desert Monks have participated in several gigs & festivals, which shows that they have come to leave their mark. Dark Grooves includes all that is required to make their way to the music scene not only of Greece but also internationally.

Desert Monks Line-up:

Kostas Amargianitakis: Drums

Thanis Paraskevopoulos: Bass, Vocals 

Andreas Ntroulias: Guitar, Lead Vocals

Vangelis Bougiatiotis: Guitar

Desert Monks Online:


You Tube:

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